Pasture is simply a fenced-in area. Feed, water and minerals are provided for the horses, as well as exercise. There are normally a number of horses on each pasture, providing a social group. This is the least expensive type of stabling, as there are no stalls to clean and no bedding is provided. However, it is not suitable for all horses (e.g. old, sick or weak horses), especially during very hot or very cold weather conditions.

Our Promise

We are committed to providing ethical, professional, and quality care. The safety of our horses and people is a top priority at Namao Stables as well as the emotional and physical well being of your horse or pony.

Horse Boarding

Our clients can be confident in the care that we provide.  While horse owners are usually faced with stress and worry about their equine partner when having to board them; our clients rest easy. We pay attention to even the smallest detail and the care of these horses always comes first.  We welcome all breeds to our stables, from pleasure to competition riders. Our facilities are very well maintained and we try to constantly upgrade and improve.  Indoor stalls are available if the need arises.